Example 1: Robert was recently admitted to a nursing home. He is an unbefriended elder. Medicaid Mechanics can work with your nursing home to identify missing documentation and secure documentation so Robert’s Medicaid application is approved.

Example 2: Edith has gross monthly income above the Medicaid income cap, but her personal representative doesn’t understand qualified income trusts. With the assistance of an Elder Law Attorney, Medicaid Mechanics can work to get the QIT in place, work to get the bank account set up properly, provide education concerning monthly QIT administration and review what was done for compliance prior to submission of the Medicaid application.

Example 3: Your nursing home has a new financial manager who is unfamiliar with the Medicaid eligibility rules. For a monthly fee, Medicaid Mechanics can be available to answer questions as the new financial manager learns the rules.

Example 4: Your regional financial manager wants several local financial controllers trained on a particular issue slowing down approval of Medicaid applications. Medicaid Mechanics can provide training either in person or via zoom to speed up your approval rate.

Example 5: A case comes to your nursing home with facts you’ve never seen before and you need someone to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Put Medicaid Mechanics to the test and give us the chance to get you paid.

Example 6: You discover that an overly friendly financial manager at one of your nursing homes is creating potential liability for you by giving applicant’s legal advice. Using the assistance of Elder Law Attorneys, we educate your financial manager concerning what is and is not legal advice and when a resident or resident representative should be referred out.

Example 7: Elder Law Attorneys representing your clients are closing their file after getting a case approved without making sure you can bill. Medicaid Mechanics will stay with you until you can bill an approved case.

Example 8: You’re a lawyer new to Elder Law and you need assistance processing Medicaid applications. You provide legal advice to your client, but let Medicaid Mechanics serve as your backoffice and file the application consistent with your instructions so you don’t need to expand payroll.

If you need assistance getting your Medicaid applications approved, call Medicaid Mechanics at (706) 459-0173. After we hear what level of service you need, we can discuss our fee to get you paid.

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